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Round and round we go. Where we stop no one...

We stop between "Okay we will run progressives" and "Sorry, they're really not Democrats".

How? By supporting each other. We have just as much right to identify as Democrats as they do. We also have a right to remain independent if we want, or go third party. It is the candidates job to inspire, not the voter's.

I choose to run as a Democrat, because this is how our system works. I believe in order to succeed we must reform the party. To those who choose another path, I respect you, and I will support your efforts.

Our volunteers are the most important piece of this campaign. If you would like to help the campaign even remotely, leave a comment, contact us via PM, or email the campaign at

Become a monthly donor. We don't need millions to win, but we do need a minimum of $10,000 a month to be competitive in the primary.

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Thomas Frank is right. The Democratic party has become a party for affluent professionals. They are out of touch with workers and the poor. While they play lip service to our struggles on the campaign trail, once in office their actions speak louder than words. #OurFutureOurFight ...

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Thank you to our campaign team for working hard to earn this wonderful endorsement. ...

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