Both Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress have been snowballing support nationwide for viable progressive candidates. Along with the support their name brings, they offer consulting, fundraising, and above all a unified slate of extraordinarily ordinary people – running candidates that are a true reflection of the communities they serve. Additionally all candidates are required to pledge not to take any corporate PAC or corporate lobbyist money.

Justice Democrats was created by Cenk Uygur, CEO of The Young Turks, Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk and Zack Exley and Saikat Chakrabarti. Zack and Saikat are former Bernie Sanders campaign staffers.
Brand New Congress is running a slate of candidates regardless of their party affiliation, breaking down party politics to have a true post partisan Congress.

From Brand New Congress platform: “Once we elect a Brand New Congress, we know that America can finally do what is necessary to bring about true liberty and justice for all: reinvest in American industry, repair our crumbling infrastructure, rekindle our struggling schools, build an all-renewable energy system, eliminate burdensome regulations, rebuild our broken healthcare system, reform our unjust criminal justice system and restore the promise of democracy.”

Gasque, a former sergeant in the U.S Army, gained national attention after her battle tested leadership style and organizing abilities contributed greatly to campaigns in the 2016 cycle. She went on to get elected as a delegate to the National Democratic convention.

Dorothy is running because she wants to see a government returned to the people.

“When elected I will always be available and accountable to every constituent regardless of how big their pockets are.”

-Dorothy Gasque