Dorothy Gasque is a third generation public servant. She served eight years in the U.S. Army. In 2005 she deployed to Iraq, with an otherwise all male combat unit. Although she was trained as an anti-tank missile systems technician, the insurgent forces did not have tanks.

Due to her rank as a non-commissioned officer, she was often asked to lead combat patrols, organize traffic checkpoints, and manage base security.

She earned accolades for her ability to lead in the face of fierce opposition and danger.

After leaving the military and her brothers in arms, she earned a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Portland State.




In the spring of 2015, Dorothy joined in the efforts and began working to build the progressive movement in Clark County. She worked tirelessly to register voters and inform them about the caucus process. In her role as a community organizer, she developed and encouraged emergent leaders throughout the county to build a cohesive network of dynamic organizers and volunteers.

Once again Dorothy found herself in her true calling, the life of a public servant.

Dorothy Gasque not only recognizes, but reflects the true values of a leader; courage, integrity, compassion, and public service. Dorothy’s unique ability to honor the perspective of others is in part due to her work with civilians in a war torn country.

People Over Party

In a time of uncertainty both inside and outside of the party, Dorothy is still fighting for much needed change. Whether it is encouraging others to show up to meetings and be the voice of their neighbors, or in the streets supporting those that need us most, she is a champion for those that have been marginalized. As assistant director of the non-profit startup Concerned Humans Against Poverty (CHAP) Dorothy has organized dozens of volunteers that are making immediate positive changes for our houseless neighbors. Dorothy works to support other veterans and is the First Vice Chair of Washington State Veterans and Military Families Caucus.

A Neighboring Family

Dorothy lives in Hazel Dell with her husband Jose who works as an operations manager at Stardust Materials LLC. She is the mother of Ramses, a sophomore in high school. Dorothy enjoys working on her urban farm that includes her dog, cat, 10 chickens, and permaculture yard.


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