That’s the name of our boundary carved out by the Washington State Redistricting Commission in 2012, of which the image below is courtesy. It is big and wide, perhaps by design or artificial even. Either way, this is our battleground and it will take many of us to win.


Unless you are one of the lucky few, you probably know that the economy is not serving all of those who live in our area. Housing costs are outpacing wage increases while workers are more productive than ever. Hard work is not enough to maintain an adequate life for all of us. It would take some workers hundreds, thousands or even millions of years to earn what others “make” in a single lifetime.

Every day more people realize that the American Dream is not attainable for all of us. Often women, children, people of color, the disabled, senior citizens and veterans are hardest hit by the economic violence that puts almost all new wealth into the hands of the already rich.

Our best hope for positive change

Dorothy is the independent minded Democrat best suited to appeal to both liberal and conservative voters in our more red than blue district. She is running an authentic campaign, relying on volunteers and small contributions, taking a pledge against big money interests. Being a working class combat veteran, Dorothy is better able to speak with voters in this conservative leaning district who may not listen to a compromised Democrat.

We believe the people of Southwest Washington have more in common, than different

By running a grassroots campaign relying on many small contributions, Dorothy is willing and able to represent all voices in Southwest Washington State.

21st century problems in Washington State require a candidate like Dorothy, who listens to all sides of the conversation before making decisions that will affect those living here.