My final active duty assignment taught me to see this country I love from the viewpoint of an outsider, and what I saw broke my heart. I did not see a nation that reluctantly enters into war to defeat a destructive force. Instead, I saw a nation that jumps into conflict without compelling reason, and wastes precious resources and life in the process.

While we waste trillions of dollars and human life on ill-conceived wars, our quality of life in the United States is drastically declining.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle pay lip service to the issues, but continue to pump out legislation that compound problems not ease them.

While our representatives argue about whether or not to raise the minimum wage, families are struggling to make the rent. We have over 35,000 homeless children in Washington State alone, and the rate continues to grow due to rising housing cost and stagnating wages.

Millennials despite being more educated are making 20% less than Baby Boomers did at the same stage in their lives.  They are drowning in debt and facing fewer and fewer opportunities as job growth and population growth remain out of sync.

We are failing to properly care for our wounded warriors from multiple generations. The health care system is struggling not because of inefficiencies in the system, but because Congress fails to provide the funding necessary to provide care for our aging Vietnam veterans.

I am running to be your voice in Washington to fight for the needs of the people over the wants of the ruling class.